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Networking and computer systems are complicated to set up and maintain, so for your small business computing needs, contact All City Voice & Data. We provide you with initial networking setup and computer consultant services, as well as a variety of service options. Your first step is to contact us for a FREE On-site Network Evaluation. We realize that the needs of every company are different. We work with each individual customer to set up a personalized networking setup, keeping in mind the demands on the network and the budget for your computer systems and networking. As your Colorado computer consultant, you can count on All City Voice & Data Solutions to provide the best small business computing services.

A typical network will consist of the computers, known as "workstations", at least one "server" computer to control the network and perhaps to store important documents and databases. It will also include some cables and sockets to connect them all together, and at least one "switch" or possibly one or more "routers" to control the passage of data as it moves around the network or to and from other sites. The workstations and server(s) will need appropriate software, and they will have to be "configured" so that they can communicate with each other . We can assist your organization with system selection, network design & installation, system recovery and more

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