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22 Jul 2019 
Support Center » Knowledgebase » What happens if my monthly payment fails?
 What happens if my monthly payment fails?

When your monthly hosting payment fails you will receive an email notice to the email address we hold on file for you. Payment will be re-attempted at least 3 times over the next week. If payment still cannot be taken and we have not received any reply to our email notices then your account will be disabled until overdue fee's have been paid.

Should your account remain overdue and suspended, without any contact from the account holder, then the account may be permanently deleted from our systems.

If you know there is going to be a problem making any payments on your account, please email us to let us know. We can be very flexible with our billing but we do need to be kept in the loop with regards to when payments can be expected.

It is also important you ensure your email address and phone number held on file with us are always valid and current. In the event payment fails its very important our email notices are received by you to avoid possible account suspension or deletion.

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