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22 Jul 2019 
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 What does your manual/natural optimization package include?

Keyword Research and Targeting
All City Web & Print solutions will review your website content and work with you to understand what words or phrases customers use to search for the type of products and services you sell. After we have created an initial list, we use software to expand the list so that it includes all iterations and possibilities—including misspellings.

Content Optimization & Recommendations
All City will assist you to focus on keyword density (the frequency that particular keywords are used on a page) along with a variety of other practices and techniques that make your content more appealing to the search engines.

Directory Planning and Submission
More often than not, search engines visit directories during their crawl of the web and give a good amount of value to a site for being displayed among the directory results. Being in this space substantiates that your site is not going anywhere and also helps to boost the overall link popularity, while decreasing crawl intervals to your site. A good directory strategy can create a “buzz” in the search engines and have the crawlers visit your website with greater frequency.

Statistics Reporting / Keyword Position Rankings Report
Stat reports will detail pertinent information from any of our marketing campaigns. For Manual SEO, we can provide a combination of ranking reports, and analytics reporting. For PPC, we will utilize the search engines and their tracking systems to configure a readable report that will allow us to make good decisions on how to bid on keywords and make the maximum ROI for your PPC dollars.

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