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22 Jul 2019 
Support Center » Knowledgebase » What's the difference between webmail and an email client?
 What's the difference between webmail and an email client?

Email Client
Email clients download your emails onto your computer. Using a specialized email program such as Outlook Express or Apple Mail has the advantage of giving you complete control over your email; every email you receive is placed on your computer and you can keep as many large file attachments as you want.

If you host with All City Solutions, you have a limited amount of space available for your web mailbox. Although you may use your Email Client for daily use, you might find that you want to check your email while out or traveling.

Checking your email through our webmail is similar to using Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail. You never actually copy your messages to your computer; in fact, you are looking at them through your web browser on the server through server based software such as Horde or Squirrel Mail. When you are not online, you are not able to see your email.

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