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22 Jul 2019 
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 How do I use webmail?
  Webmail is a fantastic feature to use for anyone wanting to send and receive email. Outlook users may utilize webmail instead of your normal email client to view your email when traveling (
 What's the difference between webmail and an email client?
 Email Client Email clients download your emails onto your computer. Using a specialized email program such as Outlook Express or Apple Mail has the advantage of giving you complete control over your em
 I am unable to send/receive email, what can I try?
  If you are having trouble sending email, please check to be sure that you have SMTP authentication setup in your e-mail client. For example, in Microsoft Outlook, be sure that 'My server requires authentication' is s
 I can't log into my email account
 If you're having difficulty logging in to your email account, make sure you are entering your username in the correct format: "user@domain.com" Essentially, the whole e-mail address is the username for POP accounts. We have seen some instances where c
 I forgot my password to my email account?
 If you have forgotten the password for your email account please contact support and request a password r
 Will I loose email as a result of a move to a new server?
  In order not to lose any email during the propagation of your nameserver changes, you may need to check your email on your old and new server locations. You can do this by using the old IP addresses of your accounts. For example, if checking webmail,
 How do I report spam emails?
 If you receive any spam emails which you consider to be SPAM, please forward the emails in full to: abuse@allcitysolutions.com
 When trying to send email it says 'Relaying Denied'
 If you get an error stating 'Relaying Denied' when trying to send email then you need to ensure that you have the 'My server requires authentication' option ticked in your email software settings. The Email Tutorials section of this helpdesk has guides to
 Setting up your email in Outlook Express.
  Once you have setup an email address you will want to setup your desired email software to use that new email address. This tutorial shows how to configure the popular Outlook Express email software supplied with windows. Open Outlook Express and cli
 What is the POP3 or SMTP mail server?
 Be sure that your domain nameservers have officially propagated before using the mail server for your hosting account.Your mail server will be as follows:mail.yourdomain.comEdit yourdomain.com w
 How to keep (or delete) copies of your email on the server
 If you want to keep a copy of your email on the server to access from another location you may elect to keep a copy of your email on the server. CAUTION: This may cause your email box to become full. Use
 Why do I get spam?
 Spam Robots or Spiders are programs that “crawl” the Internet, searching web pages for e-mail addresses or “mailto” tags. Once found, the e-mail addresses are added to private spam lists or even to bulk e-mail CDs. To prevent these
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