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22 Jul 2019 
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 Registry? Registrar? Reseller? Registrant? What do these words mean?
 Registry? Registrar? Reseller? Registrant? What do these words mean? Registrar: A "Registrar" (or "Domain Name Registrar") is an organization like Tucows or Network Solutions t
 I have a domain name, can I transfer it to ACS?
 If it is already registered you may not have to transfer it, all you have to do is change the nameservers over to ours with your registrar. If you would like an All City Solutions team member to assist with a transfer so we may manage your domain, a $25 t
 What are your nameservers?
 What is a domain name?
 A domain name is essentially a signpost on the Internet. Every website you've ever been to, and every email you've ever composed, has used a domain name in its address. People register domain names in order to 'stake a claim' to a particular name -- wheth
 What's the difference between .com, .net, .org domain names?
 Originally, the three letter extensions after the dot (or Top Level Domain/TLD) were meant to denote whether the domain name was being used for business (.com) charity/non-profit (.org) or for a technology based company (.net). However, with the explosion
 What is DNS?
 Web sites and other services on the internet are located by their IP (Internet Protocol) number such as There are a total of 4,162,314,256 possible IP numbers. In order to make it far easier for people to keep track of and remember addresses,
 Can I prevent my contact information from displaying in the whois?
 All domain owners are required to have full and valid contact information listed in the whois database. This is part of the registration agreement and failure to do so can result in having your domain name deleted. If you would like your information not a
 How do I resolve my domain to your server? I was sent an email telling me to do so, but not how I could go about this?
 If you have just purchased an account along with domain name registration with us , then we have set this up for you. All you have to do is to wait till it ressolves to the ip which normally takes 24-48 hours. If you have had your domain name registe
 Will I loose email as a result of a move to a new server?
  In order not to lose any email during the propagation of your nameserver changes, you may need to check your email on your old and new server locations. You can do this by using the old IP addresses of your accounts. For example, if checking webmail,
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