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22 Jul 2019 
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 What is Ecommerce?
 Ecommerce stands for electronic commerce; we use the term Ecommerce to refer to Internet sales of services and products. In particular we will use it to refer to doing the whole process online: from s
 Do I have to accept credit cards?
 Yes is the short and simple answer.Ask yourself how many items a week you buy that you really do not need. Then figure out how many of
 What is shopping cart software and do I need it?
 Shopping cart software is software that runs on the web server that keeps track of the items or services the customer wants to purchase. Once the customer is done browsing and has selected all the items and/or services they want to purchase then they go t
 How do I accept credit cards?
 There are two different ways to accept credit cards. One is to sign up for a service like PayPal where they actually accept the credit card and then they send you the money. This might be okay for a smaller site with fewer than 5 products but if you are s
 What is a virtual terminal?
 When a customer is in a store then the merchant has access to the credit card and can process it though a “terminal” right next to the cash register. In the online world that is not possible though. In the online world we have “virtual t
 What is real-time credit card processing?
 Real-time credit card processing is when a user enters their personal information along with their credit card information into the order form and they get a response as to if their credit card was accepted or rejected right away. The other op
 Do I need SSL?
 Yes you need SSL because it secures the information being sent between the users computer and your web server. If this transaction is not secured then personal information along with credit card information could fall into the wrong hands.
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