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14 Oct 2019 
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 What is a Blog?
 A blog is a regularly updated website consisting of regular article postings. Links to and from other blogs and traditional websites are a prominent feature of most blogs. A blog tends to be focused on a single
 Are there different types of blogs?
 Blogs can be in the form of written blogs, hosted on a blog server or on the blogger’s own site. Blogs can also be found that use audio postings rather than written posts. There are blogs for every type of business, profession, and technological co
 What value does a blog have for a business?
 A blog opens up the lines of communication between the blog writer and the reader. By becoming accessible to the public, a business can be seen as more than simply a company, but a group of real people. The blog provides a power
 What type of businesses could benefit from a blog?
 Any type of business that requires communication with potential readers in the general public can benefit from maintaining a blog. The public can be current and potential customers and clients, the news media, other business or
 What business uses does a blog have?
 A blog is ideal for opening the lines of communication between the business and the current and future customers. Communication builds levels of trust that go far in the areas of marketing and public relations. The blog puts a h
 Are blogs a useful networking tool?
 Because of the intensive personalization involved with writing blog posts, the blog is a natural networking vehicle. Readers interact with the writer through blog comments and by e-mail. The contacts often lead eventually to
 What value are blog comments?
 The comments section of the blog post is very important. By providing feedback from the blog’s readers, the blogger can build a conversation with the customer base. The readers’ comments are also an excellent sourc
 What is a RSS feed?
 RSS stands for either Rich Site Syndication or Really Simple Syndication (no one agrees on the definition). RSS provides an instant update of the latest blog posts. To send an RSS feed, the blog must use and be coded for broadca
 What are forums?
 Forums are useful for many-to-many communications and discussions. They can be thought of as similar to a town meeting. Many discussions can be conducted at the same time, and the information can flow equally in both directions from the original posters a
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