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22 Jul 2019 
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 I have seen cheaper webhosting, why should I choose you?
  Don't be fooled by other companies claiming to give you quality features for a few dollars a month. What they may be doing is putting you on low quality servers with thousands of other clients utilizing a tremendous amount of
 Do you offer Domain Registration?
 Yes we do.
 What is your price for domain registration?
 Our yearly price per domain is $14.95.
 Do you offer server-level spam filtering?
 Yes and no. We offer SpamAssassin and filters, but not realtime blacklist filtering (RBLs).The problem with RBL filtering is that it can reject real emails by accident, and we want to err on the side of giving people all their mail and letting
 What is your backup system like?
 Our servers are backed up at daily, weekly, and monthly increments, so at any given time there are several restore points available should anything happen to your data. Data is backed up to secondary drive as well as moved off the server to a external b
 What kind of hardware/software do your servers use?
 We have to maintain a dynamic and competitive hardware base and strive to stay on the cutting edge of current technologies. We currently use servers featuring Quad Core processors, hard drives running in RAID and 8 GB of memory. On the software side, w
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