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Computer crashes are not an unknown phenomenon. They can happen to every computer at some point. Now there are data recovery services available to address these problems.

Here are some basic points to keep in mind if you ever encounter a system crash problem. Do not reformat or defragment the drive and keep it away from humid conditions. The next step is to call in some professional help. Thanks to the march of technology, you might just not lose any data at all!

Data recovery services & solutions are required when computer users are no longer able to connect to their data. Causes of such failures can be broken down into three categories.

Logical Failure.
File system corruption directly affects the logical integrity of the user’s data and their ability to access it under normal operating conditions. Common situations are deleted or virus affected data.

Physical failure.
Noisy hard drives such as clicking, ticking or knocking noises can strike fear into anyone who has important data on their drive.

Microcode Failure.
Magnetic storage media or hard drives or disks as they are more commonly known as have there own internal operating system or code to be more precise, which is very complex and deals with such issues as bad sectors reallocation and physical to logical geometry, this is the most complex area for recovery simply not repairable by ordinary means, failure types or indications of such are the hard drive is not detected in the bios, or wrongly reports the family name of the manufacturer.

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