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When your competitors are just a click away, the accessibility of your site, and the speed at which it loads, are crucial to your business's online success. All City Solutions understands the importance of your company's Web presence. For that reason, using the latest server hardware, software and applications to ensure that your site is fast, reliable and secure. Our service combines reliability, speed, community, and superior customer service.

All City Solution's Web hosting packages provide the reliability needed to create a successful online presence. We use world-class equipment housted in data centers offering complete redundancy and daily backups because we know it is critical for your Web business to be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our facilities are available for hosting anything from simple web sites to full blown, database-driven, web applications. We have several packages, allowing clients to match their connectivity needs to a reasonable price scheme.

Controlled Environment..
All City Solutions has servers dedicated solely to our clients websites, we do not open our server to anybody building their own websites. This allows us to have a controlled hosting environment to guarantee your business the best and most stable servers available to you. Unlike most other web hosting companies, we don't overload our servers with thousands of web sites. In fact, we never put any more than 100 clients on one server. You can be sure your web site will be lightning fast and very reliable. We offer our customers Red Hat Linux, Apache Web Servers, PHP, MySQL, PortgreSQL, and the Red Hat interchange ecommerce platform.

So yes, we are proud to say that we do things a little differently than you may have seen other places -- but that's a good thing. A little iinnovation goes a long way.

Uptime Guarantee..
Fast, Rock-Solid Servers. Using only quality computers which are built for the sole purpose of being a web server. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, your Web site will be protected in a world-class network infrastructure and certified system administrators.

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