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  Corporate Identity: Transforming Perception
Your letterhead. Your business cards. Your web site. Your advertisements. Your marketing. They are all representations of you and your business and they all share one thing in common, Your Logo. Investing in a properly designed logo will benefit your company for years to come. An effective design will increase consumer recognition and communicate the message of the company to the mind of the customer.

Why a professionally designed logo?
A logo can provide credibility in a tough market place. On the surface, a logo may seem like something that can be easily “whipped up” or conceptualized, however, more often than not, a quality logo involves much more depth and creativity.

The following excerpt from an article on branding captures the philosophy of logo design, “A logo just isn’t something you slap on your business card and call it good. Used properly, your logo is the very heart of your company’s identity. This one little graphic carries the weight of your brand and connects you and your products to your customers."

The logic, creative process and research are the most significant factors in the logo development process. The process begins with a considerable amount of learning and research, all in an effort to tap into what makes a particular business unique. This is what makes a logo an effective branding tool and stand out from the crowd.

Logo Pricing
When is comes to logo design, we are not a logo mill, will not copy someone’s logo, use clipart and as a result will definitely not be the cheapest. If price is your #1 concern, we are not for you! Phew... that being said, we are very competitive, especially for a design agency and provide great value for the amount of research, thought, creative process and dedication that goes in to each and every project we work on.

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